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Your Success is our success.
Our common aims are health and well-being!

BFB at a glance

Since its foundation in 2004, when BFB Pharma GmbH was called into life with the vision to improve people’s lives, our dynamic company has kept developing, changing, improving.


Our Products

Knowing about the importance of sensible nutrition and the body’s needs for vitamins, minerals and trace elements, we started our work in the field of food supplements, serving people of all ages. From pregnancy over childhood to any state of adult age, special formulas and cutting-edge solutions of our food supplements care for immune system and well-being.


Our comprehensive idea of health has led us to continuously extend our product range. By now, we have managed to successfully introduce our brands of body care products for babies and adults, baby articles as well as sweets to numerous markets in the Middle Eastern region.

Our Services

Apart from laying a strong focus on the quality of our products, we simultaneously care about our partners sharing our expertise in export and taming the complexity of international trade. Doing business with us is safe, fast, and easy, due to our dependable network of suppliers and logistics as well as our paperwork know-how. We arrange all required transportation services and documentation for export, leaving the decision of intensity of your involvement in the process up to you.


We are constantly in touch with people in the countries we are exporting to, and the growing demand for our products and services shows us this is the right way to follow. Join us on the way to success!

For more information about our services, please visit our Export Services section.

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